Save Time and Money

A Learning Management System will save your organization time and money by increasing the efficiency of your existing training programs and eliminating recurring cost associated with in-person training. Because courses are managed and delivered virtually, printed training materials will become obsolete, less time will be spent out of the office, and employees will learn faster through engaging elearning courses.

Ease of Use

Your Avance Learning Solutions representative takes the hassle out of moving training materials, videos, resources, and simulations to an online platform by building out an entire customized program for your business. Once your program is built out, managers, instructors, employees, and students will have access to an easy-to-navigate user-interface that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Updating lesson plans, adding files, creating groups, and accessing data is a simple, user-friendly process.


From customized learning paths to interactive analytics that allow you enhance training programs over time, your organization will have one centralized location for your entire training program from beginning to end. With a Learning Management System, managing certification programs and testing will be easily done with access to real-time data maintained on cloud-based storage. Mobile-compatibility also allows access to your organization’s training conveniently from desktop, tablet, or smartphone devices.

Increased Efficiency

A learning management system creates one centralized location to store, manage, and deliver training programs. Files and data are available in real-time and are accessible no matter where you are. Training can be delivered across the world online easily manageable by a few individuals in your organization. Elearning courses also engage employees faster, reducing the time needed for training.


Whether you are a local business with a few locations or a multinational corporation, Avance Learning Solutions will build and tailor elearning courses to meet the unique needs of your organization. The software is designed to grow with your organization. As changes happen and new technology is introduced, new learning paths can be created and new information can be introduced to your training programs.


With a learning management system, you never have to worry about inconsistencies in your training programs. The same message is delivered as it is intended to be and as a whole your workforce will become more unified and engaged. Your organization also has the ability to look at your training systems as a whole, rather than individually and learn from the data and analytics provided a better, more effective learning experience.

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