At Avance Learning Solutions, we use a multi-step process to convert your existing training materials and knowledge base into an interactive online training program.

Step 1 Analyze

The first stage of developing e-learning courses for your organization is understanding the systems currently in place. We will meet with subject matter experts and management, as well as evaluate training materials to gain a holistic view of your organization. The insight gained from this research allows our team to identify opportunities for elearning solutions.

Step 2 Understand

What is your vision for growth? A knowledgeable and well-trained staff is a major component to long-term growth, but without a streamlined training approach, there will always be room for improvement. Our goal is always to develop the most effective learning program, but first we must identify the main objective of your organization. Once we understand this, we take our previous analysis and look for ways to improve the existing system.

Step 3 Design & Develop

During this step, Avance Learning Solutions will bring your training to life by converting your passive programs and turning them into interactive ecourse. We will use a combination of simulations, job aids, videos, and more to create an e-learning program that promotes your organization’s key objectives.

Step 4 Integrate

Once the elearning program is in place on your customized online platform, it’s time to integrate the program into your organization’s operations. Your Avance Learning Solutions will provide an LMS tutorial on how to use the software, but your representative is also available to provide recommendations and consultations on how to implement the systems effectively.