Avance Learning Solutions

Avance Learning Solutions is comprised of e-learning experts, who have been instrumental in the development of computer based training for employees around the world for nearly 15 years. This experience, combined with a comprehensive understanding of instructional design, allows the company to not only provide a platform to manage and deliver e-learning courses, but a turn-key solution to improve administrative processes and long-term growth.

Avance Learning Solutions takes a multi-step approach to building and integrating Learning Management Systems by assessing current training and ongoing education programs, understanding each client’s fundamental objectives, and developing e-courses, learning paths, simulations, and job aids to meet strategic goals.

After learning programs are built, Avance Learning Solutions is dedicated to successful program implementation. Representatives will provide initial training, as well as ongoing support to ensure each LMS is used to its full capacity.

Our mission is to build an industry leading-firm that services the client through E-Learning Solutions, which will meet challenges, highlight the opportunities, and save the client time and money along with promoting employee retention.