Unlock the Potential of your LMS

There are countless advantages of using an LMS to administer training programs. In order to receive these benefits, however, you must understand the full capabilities of your LMS. At Avance Learning Solutions, you get more than just an online platform, you get a team of  experts, who will provide strategic support, as well as consult your business on how to maximize the potential of your LMS.

At Avance Learning Solutions, you get more than just an online platform, you get a team of e-learning experts, who will provide strategic support, as well as consult your business on how to maximize the potential of your LMS.

Below are just some of the many capabilities of choosing Avance Learning Solutions to develop and integrate a Learning Management System into your administrative processes.

Our Capabilities

Program Development

At Avance Learning Solutions, we develop complete e-learning platforms from your existing training programs and knowledge base using a combination of job aides, simulations, videos, modules, and more.

If you don’t have a training program in place, that’s fine too. We can work with key members of your organization to build a program from the ground up using our proven e-learning development and implementation strategies.

Mobile Compatibility

The features and functionality of your LMS will be accessible with the same ease-of-use across all major browsers and mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads. Management can conveniently check analytics, edit learning paths, and add users. Users can access e-courses and resources on their time.

Compliance & Certification

The capabilities of your LMS go beyond the initial training of new employees. Use your LMS to strengthen your existing workforce with ongoing training programs such as risk management courses, compliance training, and certifications. Your LMS will also track when re-certifications are necessary removing the opportunity of human error and centralizing your records for a more efficient administrative process.

Blended Learning

Your LMS can be used strictly to provide resources and e-courses, but it also allows for blended learning. Instructor-based videos can be integrated into courses or people from your organization can engage in live-training sessions from anywhere in the world.

Learning Paths

Individual e-courses are turned into complete programs through the use of learning paths. Learning paths deliver courses in a sequence over a set period of time, and will automatically re-enroll users for training and re-certifications based on the course settings you choose.

User Groups

An unlimited amount of user-groups and sub-groups can be created within your LMS. As new users are added, they can easily be moved between groups or added to multiple groups dependent on their role in your organization. Each group can also have its own manager/s responsible for assigning courses and updating users.


A survey builder is available within your LMS to assist in the evaluation of training programs over time. Surveys can be utilized in a number of ways including gauging the satisfaction of employees after receiving e-courses or gauging the product knowledge of your existing staff. The data derived from these surveys will be essential in adapting programs to provide the most effective training to employees.


Integrate your LMS with external sources to allow for automatic enrollment of users through existing third-party applications or your organization’s website. This integration is done using an API code and allows for a single sign-in, automatic enrollment, and automatic user-creation and group placement.


Real-time reporting benefits users, managers, and administration in a multitude of ways. Users can identify where they are in their individual training programs, managers can view group and individual completion rates, and administrators will have access to complete LMS analytics that provide insights such as your organization’s compliance index, total users, individual learning path data, and certification compliance.